The LGBTQ+ community is a 3.7 trillion dollar buying power... how inclusive is YOUR business?

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Fitness Beyond the Binary is the only certification on coaching gender-diverse clients designed for fitness professionals and coaches. 


You'll learn actionable skills you can apply to every part of your business, from coaching language and social media, to onboarding, facility, programming, and policies.

You'll have a better understanding of what inclusive language sounds like, and other blind spots that might be hurting your business.

You'll walk away feeling empowered to coach gender diverse clients  instead of being afraid you’ll make a mistake.


Develop a more diverse, inclusive community and coaching practice

Through coaching language, intake forms, training specific considerations, and developing awareness of a broader range of client experiences.  

Create inclusive programs and events that make you the Go-to coach in your area

Learn how to develop meaningful dialogue and outreach with your local LGBTQ+ community and broaden your network.


Align your business with state and local non-discrimination laws

Our module on creating enforceable policy and codes of conduct specific to your coaching business is worth the price of the certification alone!

Learn from leading experts on gender diversity and inclusion including: 

Two top trans health medical experts, a pioneering non-binary fitpro and academic, the first elite trans pro cyclist to race a UCI event, a world renowned speaker and trans educator, and many more. 

Inclusion helps everyone, including your business.

The LGBTQ+ community in the US is a 3.7 trillion dollar buying power with over 14 million people, and over 45% of LGBTQ+ youth identify as gender-diverse or questioning their gender. What has your business done to be more inclusive? What language, policies, education, and practices do you have in place? How does your client experience show you're an inclusive coach/business? 

Examples of Modules Include: 

Language is the currency of your culture...

And language that considers a broad range of client experiences makes everyone feel welcome. Learn how to create a sense of safety, belonging, and respect for historically marginalized groups through coaching, social media, and written communication. 

Policy and codes of conduct don't just protect your clients, they also protect you! 

In this step-by-step module, learn how to create enforceable codes of conduct that reflect your expectations for clients and staff, and how to align your practices with state and local non-discrimination laws. 

Be a positive force for making fitness safer and more accessible... for everyone

  • Help break down the barriers to fitness that exist for groups that need us most

  • Be a part of the evolution of fitness that grows to include all human beings

  • Understand the power that you have as a compassionate coach in our diverse society

Become a Certified Coaching Ally!


Be more inclusive, help more people, grow your business


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