Are You Ready to BLOOM?

So often folx get stuck along their journey to achieving their health and fitness goals because they feel like they lack willpower, or discipline, or just suck! When really it's that they don’t have the sustainable structure, systems, and habits to keep going.

BLOOM is a nutrition and lifestyle coaching program designed to help queer and gender-diverse folx prepare their bodies, minds, and spirits to fully step into their lives and harness the unique power queerness gives us!

It's about creating the experiences you want in your life, be it focused around: 

- Better overall health

- Improving bloodwork and numbers at the Dr.’s office

- preparation for/ and recovery from gender affirming surgeries

- weight loss/ weight gain

- creating sustainable routines 

- releasing from exhaustive diet culture

- feeling more confident and less stress around food

- connecting to our bodies in a positive and affirming way

This program gives you all that and then some. It’s about tapping into what you’re unique path is giving you, as obstacles and as strengths. 

We all come to the work of change with our own strengths, hang ups, weird shit, and influences that affect the way we do things, and that's what makes each person's path so unique!

But often the pressure and expectations to be, look, and do things a certain way (unless we're not valid) creeps in and we end up feeling like shit about ourselves, like we've failed, or we're not enough...

 As a non-binary health coach, I've experienced first hand just how fucked up (yes, there's swearing in this program) health and fitness spaces are, and how stressful and de-humanizing it can be to try and find someone who understands our unique needs at queer people.

I saw such a lack of support for my gender-diverse friends preparing for gender affirming surgeries and recovery, folx who wanted to improve their health and were met with discrimination, and those who came to me after years of struggling with toxic diets, that I decided my coaching was going to be "just for us Queers!". 

That's why I created BLOOM, to empower my queer fam and create a space where we can be ourselves, work on some shit, and not have to worry about the bullshit society- and toxic health culture- tries to sell us.

Because our queerness gives us superpowers! In the eternal words of Lionel from Thundercats, our outsider status has gifted us "sight beyond sight" and we can use it to recognize how destructive societal expectations can be around body size, appearance and gender, and even what "healthy food" is!  

Just getting up each day and having the courage to live as your true Self in a crazy world, means you’re a badass! To build our futures, as queer people, is to be hopeful. 

Bloom is about taking that one step further, to move from a place of surviving to THRIVING in the queerest possible way! 


Are You ready to BLOOM?

Tell me more! I'm excited to hear from you.

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