2023 Recipient of the Outstanding LGBTQ+ Owned Business Award -NY NGLCC

Empowering queer professionals to reclaim their health

Dramatically improve your well-being one habit at a time with the help of a world-class queer coach and community where YOU are welcome, celebrated, and understood. 


Meghan Crutchley (they/them)
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Meghan Crutchley, M.Ed., NBH-WC, CPT, PN2 (they/them) is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness coach, speaker, writer, and the CEO of Habitqueer, a company founded to provide solution- focused health coaching to queer professionals. Integrating their expertise in nutrition, sleep, stress and recovery, fitness, and behavior change, Meghan created the membership community Queer Health Revolution, to help queer professionals discover their unique path to health and wellness, one habit at a time.

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