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Be queer. Be HERE. Stop stress ruling your life and reclaim your energy, health, happiness, and strength.

Dramatically improve your well-being one habit at a time with the help of a world-class queer coach and community where YOU are welcome, celebrated, and understood. 

Stop surviving and start LIVING

As a queer person, you deserve to enjoy every second of living as your glorious, rainbow-colored, sparkly-as-fuck self. 

 But it’s HARD right now. Our rights are under threat. Our identities are invalidated at every turn. We’re kicked around by politicians and the media, and, FUCK, that takes a toll. All that incessant, harmful noise stretches your nervous system paper-thin on a daily basis. 

 Feeling happy, energized, and full of life seems, well, hard to come by, if not impossible. 

 Fam, listen to me. When they lead with hate and ignorance, we lead with self love and compassion … and learn to care for ourselves EVEN HARDER. 

You can feel safer, better, freer, healthier, stronger. It’s all there, inside you, ready to be unlocked.

For queer people, self-care is a revolutionary act

The past few years have been tough. 

Maybe you’ve been hiding your identity at work or masking your real, freaky, glorious self at home. The world feels threatening. You’re constantly anxious and you often don’t feel safe unless your queerness is safely under wraps.

All this is having a serious impact on your health. 

Your eating habits have gone haywire. You barely move your body. Your stress levels are through the roof, and you don’t remember what it’s like to feel well-rested.

It’s not for want of trying. You know what you should be doing, it’s just … hard. Your career is demanding, you always seem to end up putting yourself last on the list, and it feels like all this stress is sucking the life outta you. And where do you find the time? 

To make it worse, everyone seems to be doing fine. You wonder how they’re doing it. On your bad days, you think, “There must be something wrong with me. What’s the point in trying?”

Let me pause here to say in very clear terms: 


You can make progress toward your goals. With the right guidance and a rainbow community wrapped around you (imagine a warm hug, but with more practical support and actions that create real change), you can be exactly who you want to be and feel how you want to feel — despite the bullshit, despite the obstacles, despite ANYTHING.

I see you. I’ve been there. And I can help you overcome these challenges.

Tell me … how would your life change if you: 

  • had more self-esteem?
  • felt more joy?
  • reduced your stress?
  • stopped burning out? 
  • had more capacity?
  • felt fitter and stronger?
  • accepted and loved yourself?
  • had more resilience?
  • slept better?
  • ate foods that nourished your body?

How would your life be different? In what ways would it improve? 

You can have ALL THESE THINGS (and more). I’ll help you clarify your goals, ditch the negative self-talk, learn the skills, and take the actions to achieve everything you want and need.

You are FIERCE. The self awareness and courage it takes to be YOU in a cishet world means you’ve got SKILLz, so let’s channel those superpowers, baby. You’ve already come so far! (Even if you can’t see it yet.)

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We ALL need support

Here’s a little-known truth about health and well-being. If stress goes up and support does NOT, we can’t feel, think, or perform anywhere even close to our best, personally or professionally.

Without adequate support, our potential goes untapped. We feel like we’re trapped under a heavy, wet blanket. Life loses its shine.

When stress increases, so does our need for support.

Break free from the grind and reclaim your energy, health, and happiness

Do you know how to:

  • care for yourself through nutrition? 
  • train your body for fitness and strength? 
  • get enough quality sleep?
  • manage your stress levels?
  • build your physical, mental, and emotional resilience?

These are crucial skills for anyone, but for those of us in the LGBTQIA2s community, they’re even MORE important. Because we deal with all the regular life stressors … and we deal with all the stress related to our queer lives and identities on top of that. 

  • We educate our coworkers, families, friends, and the wider world on our experiences and needs. 
  • We navigate feeling isolated at work and home. 
  • We deal with the consequences of coming out over and over, when it’s safe and when it’s not. 
  • We advocate for our rights and needs, for fair access to health care, for queer youth, for greater acceptance and understanding.
  • We feel the discomfort and shame of having to hide our authentic selves, for safety reasons and societal ones.
  • We endure anti-queer rhetoric daily, trying not to internalize the messages that disrupt our ability to heal, throw off shame, and feel pride and love for who we are. 

It’s A LOT. 

For us, the skills of self-care — good nutrition, movement, sleep, resilience, stress management, etc., — are not nice-to-haves. They’re Must-Haves. Without them, we get ground down. We lose ourselves. 

If you’re finding it hard to care for yourself right now, you’re not alone. Let’s work on it together. 

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What will I get?

Queer Health Revolution has everything you need to snatch back your wellness from the jaws of stress. 

Every week, you’ll get content to focus your mind and energy on boosting your well-being. 

We’ll cover sleep, stress, recovery, exercise, nutrition, etc., … all the things that lead to the kind of physical and mental energy and ease that you’ve been craving but didn’t know how to create.

Content will be delivered via the Kajabi platform — which you can access on both mobile and desktop — each week, giving you time to log in, read, digest, and get to work! 

Every month, you’ll hop on a 90 minute live call with me to talk it all out. 

How to implement what you’re learning, how to troubleshoot any obstacles that come up, how to keep making progress each week. Whatever you need, I got you. You’ll be able to ask questions, and if you can’t make it, there’ll always be a recording emailed to you. 

Every month I’ll recap all the learning and discussions we’ve had

I’ll wrap up all the best nuggets of content and deliver it to your inbox for you to chew on. You’ll never miss a thing or feel left behind.

You’ll have access to me as your coach. 

I’m here, I’m queer, and I know this shit backwards. I’ve worked with LGBTQIA2s clients for many years and I’ve got a background in teaching and coaching at the highest levels. I’ll help you get through the challenges you’re facing to find more peace and balance in your life. 

You’ll be part of a safe, welcoming, LGBTQIA2s-centered community. 

Away from social media and full of people you can build real connections with, this is where we’ll come together to talk about what WE need to thrive in our daily lives. 

It’ll be a hub of safety and support where you’ll always be welcome, celebrated, and cared for — somewhere you can be your full, authentic self. Here, you can let your freak flag fly, and never worry about encountering an asshole (QHR has a strict No Asshole policy).

We’ll jam about how to take better care of ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. You’ll make friends, expand your queer connections, and develop real relationships with queer folx like you who are investing in their health and well-being.

As your coach, I’ll be hanging out there every day, answering questions, provoking thought, providing support, and making it a fun space for us all to be together! 

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Is this for you?

If you want: 

  • more self acceptance, more peace, less anxiety, and higher self esteem …
  • to feel empowered to make informed decisions around your health …
  • have better boundaries around work and home, so that You-Time is a reality, not something you’ll get to when things “settle down” …
  • to be able to manage your stress, prevent overwhelm, and have more control …
  • a healthier relationship with your body, food, exercise, substances, stress, and sleep …

 … QHR is perfect for you. 

We’re going to build all of this: one habit, one week, one moment at a time. 

What to do next

If you’d like to learn more about Queer Health Revolution, join our no-obligation waitlist so you can get access to:

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    • the kind of habits you’ll work on in the program
    • insights into what it REALLY takes to make self-care an easy, stress-free part of your daily life
    • inspirational stories from queer folx just like you who swapped burnout and overwhelm for rad results
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  • Exclusive savings — the best deal (a low, lifetime price for everyone who joins as a founding member) will only be available during our initial limited launch!
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