2023 Recipient of the Outstanding LGBTQ+ Owned Business Award -NY NGLCC

Empowering queer professionals to reclaim their health

Dramatically improve your well-being one habit at a time with the help of a world-class queer coach and community where YOU are welcome, celebrated, and understood. 

Why We're Here For You

As a result of continued discrimination, the queer community has some of the worst health outcomes of any group in the United States, further compounded by the current political climate that explicitly targets the queer community.

In addition to greater existential stress, queer professionals have the added stress of educating co-workers and leaders around their experiences, have to weigh the consequences of coming out at work, and are often isolated within the larger workforce and culture.

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How We Support You

At Habitqueer, we embrace diversity, celebrate individuality, and strive for inclusivity. We are unwavering in our commitment to improving health outcomes within the queer community, working collaboratively to create a world where everyone can thrive.  We are uniquely positioned to focus on critical health issues including stress reduction, sleep, nutrition, and behavior change geared toward queer professionals and queer affinity groups.  Our content and solutions are tailored toward individuals, leaders, or large group audiences. 

Educate and Empower

We believe that knowledge is a catalyst for positive change. Habitqueer offers both educational workshops and speaking engagements that equip individuals with the tools and insights needed to make informed choices about their physical and behavioral health.

Personalized Coaching

Habitqueer provides tailored coaching and support to individuals, acknowledging that each person's journey is unique. We work alongside clients to set and achieve their health and wellness goals, fostering personal growth and empowerment.

Workshops & Speaking

We recognize that leadership plays a vital role in creating a brighter future for the queer community. Habitqueer offers leadership training programs that equip individuals with the skills and confidence to become change-makers and advocates for a healthier, more inclusive world.

Meet Meghan Crutchley M.Ed., NBH-WC, CPT, PN2 (they/them)

Meghan Crutchley is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness coach, speaker, writer, and the CEO of Habitqueer, a company founded to provide solution- focused health coaching to queer professionals. Integrating their expertise in nutrition, sleep, stress and recovery, fitness, and behavior change, Meghan created the membership community Queer Health Revolution, to help queer professionals discover their unique path to health and wellness, one habit at a time.

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Join the Queer Health Revolution

A queer-only community membership that supports your health, habits, and goals away from social media

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Private coaching with a world-class health coach

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Workshops & Speaking

Corporate trainings, events, and podcast interviews

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