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Empowering queer professionals to reclaim their health

Dramatically improve your well-being one habit at a time with the help of a world-class queer coach and community where YOU are welcome, celebrated, and understood. 


Meghan is a powerful and engaging speaker who displays a high level of expertise in public speaking that is a testament to their background as a teacher with a Masters degree in Education. Their work is extremely entertaining and accessible, and seamlessly weaves together more complex information about health science and research with fun anecdotes about our humanness, making connections between what we experience in our daily lives and overarching themes related to how our bodies and brains function.

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Meghan is uniquely positioned to provide support to queer professionals, ERG’s, and large groups through coaching, workshops, and keynotes, that help companies understand health in the larger context of growth capacity and leadership development for all of their employees. Their work bridges the gap between understanding human behavior and creating tools for transformative change that are applicable for both individuals and businesses.  

Whether it’s improving sleep, starting a movement practice, stress recovery, or eating healthier, Meghan’s work will empower you to broaden your understanding of what actually happens in our minds and bodies when we set out to make changes in our behavior, and the variables we can utilize to make those changes more sustainable. 

Recent Workshops

How To Feel Less Like Burnt Toast

In this workshop Meghan Crutchley shares the unique stressors faced by queer professionals, what happens in our nervous system when we're overwhelmed, and the small steps we can take to build in more peace, and avoid burnout. 

Allowing for Grief Remebering Life:

How to use our daily habits to sustain our light in a world full of darkness

In this Trans Day of Remberance keynote, Meghan Crutchley shares how to hold space for both the struggles and the joys in life, and how to integrate this into our daily life experiences of both stress and recovery, to maintain a healthy and happy existence in the face of grief.

How to Build Sustainable Habits in a Hectic World

In this workshop Meghan Crutchley shares the key foundations of habit change, the neurobiology and physiology around how we sustain and change habits, and unique ways to start new habits right now.

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Other Workshops

  • "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead": And Why You Should Start Sooner
  • Queerness is a Superpower for Behavior Change
  • Language as a Bridge for LGBTQ+ Inclusion
  • The Foundations of Habit Change
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Podcast Appearances

Out Loud! The Podcast

Connecticut Voice Editor Christopher Byrne speaks with queer health and wellness coach Meghan Crutchley about trauma healing, living authentically, and helping clients achieve their goals.

Expand with Laura Poburan

Host Laura Poburan and Meghan Crutchley discuss coaching gender-diverse clients and how creating safe spaces and inclusivity can help ALL clients.

Success Engineering with Michael Bauman

Meghan Crutchley speaks with Michael Bauman about queerness as a superpower and creating inclusive environments in business and fitness.

Deconstructing Health and Fitness

Meghan Crutchley discusses creating Fitness Beyond the Binary, the first certification of its kind for fitness and health coaches to support the queer community

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